KJ 03

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KJ 3
published June 1, 1987
66 pages


Leisure is the new religion, and tourism the modern pilgrimage. Each year, in growing numbers, middle-class tourist-pilgrims swarm the meccas of world civilization, holy guidebooks in hand, in search of a direct experience of foreign reality. Tourists are children, brought ignorant before mysteries and marvels. They are innocents, trusting in licensed agents who shepherd them to exotic paradises. And tourists are kings, owners of all they survey, for the world’s parade of treasures seems to have been — and sometimes is — put together for their personal edification.
— Jonah Salz, Processed and Packaged Culture: The Dento Bento

There is a Japan that came into existence in the darkness of the cinema, and sites there still, fixed on the screen like a giant rare butterfly. A Japanese movie was pageantry and poetic violence, curious hierarchies amid puzzlebox interiors, the camera caressing Kyo Machiko and engaging Mifune in its steadily tracking locus. And the light was applied as if by brush.
— Pia Lamerin, Watch the White of the Sky, an interview with cinematographer Miyagawa Kazuo.

Cover Image by Jean Kugler


Processed and Packaged Culture: The Dento Bento
Jonah Salz

Gion Matsuri: Festival of Renewal – Gunter Nitschke

Misunderstanding Japanese Education – Alex Shishin

A glimpse into Japanese detective fiction – Ed Shorer

Ashiu: Nuclear Power VS Ecological Realism – Ken Rodgers

Watch the white of the sky: an interview with cinematographer Miyag awa Kazuo – AUTHOR

”Wind” Poetry Section – Edited by Bill ShivelyTanikawa Shuntaro, (trans. Harold Wright). Thomas I. Elliot, Charlie Burks, Ralph Nelson, Patricia Donegan:

A slow air: how I spent my summer vacation – Janet Heyneman

Through the new looking glass – Robert Brady

The kiss of Lacy, the Zen of Lacy – Shimizu Toshihiko

Non-standard man: Hosono Haruomi – Fatimah Elsewhere

Maze– Yoshida Shinpei

The women of Mizu Shobai – Lisa Louis

Law, Lawyers and Business in Japan – Frederick Blumer

The Summit on the Summit – Dan Furst


 The Japanese School: Lessons for Industrial America, by Benjamin Duke — Ken Rodgers