KJ #10


KJ 10
published March 15, 1989
70 pages


Cover Image by Masami Teraoka

Most technologies, as they evolve over the next 35 years, are going to become more personalized and more interactive. This won’t be a merely technical evolution, such as the difference between low and high definition TV, or low and high fidelity telephones — those are all quantitative changes rather than deep, conceptual changes.
— Nicholas Negroponte, The Goose and the Golden Egg

Once a month I go shopping downtown, near the prefectural offices. It takes me the better part of an hour to drive there, but since my purchases include a lot of specialized items — faucet packing, spare blades for power tools, large laminated dry cells, that sort of thing — the local shops won’t do. Besides, I’d rather not run into anyone I know. My nickname trails after me like a shadow.
— Abe Kobo, The Ark Sakura

We might say sculpture is a concrete expression of the energy of solid objects. However, as you know, art goes beyond such material considerations. There are things floating on the surface of art which are weightless and completely invisible. They exist everywhere, they take us beyond time, and there are times when we can hear them or see them, we can know them just as if they were directly perceived.
— Isamu Noguchi


Picaresque Biosaga: Sapping a Cup of Coffee – Akasegawa Genpei

Japan in the Year 2020: Nine Views
The Emperor’s Vision – William Weatherall

Reminiscences from a Semi-retired Naturalist on Tokyo Bay – Kevin Short

Kyoto in the Year 202: Never-Nether-Land – Diane Durston

State of the Arts – Donald Richie

The Goose and the Golden Egg – Nicholas Negroponte

“Remote Presence” – Stelarc

News from 2020 – Rick Davis

The Netsuke Vector – Robert Brady

Japan’s new Millennialism – Gavan McCormack


The Ark Sakura – Abe Kobo, trans. Juliet Winters Carpenter

Conversations with Isamu Noguchi – Rhony Alhalel

Things to Come – Ian Perlman

Japanese Love Poems – Hiroaki Sato

Ikkyu’s Red Thread – Dr. Jon Carter Covell

KJ/Edge Poetry Contest Winners – Earl Cooper, Wendy Gutenkauf, Bill Shiveley, Bob Lucky, Chris Mosdell

Mt. Omine & the Village of the Demon Goki – Quentin Durning

Greetings from L.A., Japan – Ed Shorer

En – Calligraphy by Morita Shiryu


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