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KJ 22
published January 26, 1993
146 pages (bookzine)

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Contrary to our prevailing paradigms, which assume that indigenous peoples throughout the world wish to participate in our economy, many…. do not see us as the survivors in a Darwinian scenario. They see themselves as eventual survivors, while we represent a people who has badly misunderstood the way things are on the earth. They do not wish to join the technological experiment. They do not wish to engage in the industrial mode of production. They do not want a piece of the action. They see our way as a striving for death. They want to be left out of the process. If we are going over the brink, they do not wish to join us.

Throughout the world, whether they live in deserts or jungle or the far north, or in the United States, millions of native people share the perception that they are resisting a single, multi-armed enemy: a society whose basic assumptions, whose way of mind, and whose manner of political and economic organization permit it to ravage the planet without discomfort, and to drive natives off their ancestral lands. That this juggernaut will eventually consume itself is not doubted by these people. They meet and discuss it. They attempt to strategize about it. Their goal is to stay out of its way and survive it.
—Jerry Mander, In the Absence of the Sacred


The Year of Indigenous Peoples — 1993 – Anderson Mutang

The Radicalism of Cultural Continuity – Beth Lischeron

The Ainu of Hokkaido: Stories to Save the World – Gary Snyder

Living in the Ainu Moshir – Kawamura Shinrit Eoripak Ainu

A Song of the Spider Goddess – Hiraga Etenoa

Okinawan Shaman Songs – Christopher Drake

Sudden Diaspora: The Rukai of Taiwan – Stephan Kohler

Trouble in the Hills – Liam O’Hara

Theologians, Tourists and Thieves: The Torajan Effigy of the Dead in Modernizing Indonesia – Kathleen Adams

Transmigration Myths – Peter Riggs

Dark days in Asmat? – Peter Riggs

How Golden Arches Got His Name – Robert Brady

Yi Songs – Mark Bender

Emerging from Terra Incognita – Anderson Mutang & Bruno Manser on Malaysia

Mitsubishi Corporation: Destroyer or Savior of the Rainforest? – John Abraham

Last of the Lubicon? – Keiko Kambara

The Strong Force – Beth Lischeron

“With Warm Eyes Towards Distant Countries” – Donald Seekins

Burma’s Killing Fields – Chris Langridge

Burma’s Insein Prison: Punishment & Oppression – Htun Aung Gyaw

The Image of Premodern Japanese in Asia – Tanaka Yuko

The New World Order & a Culture of Nonviolence – Philip Grant

Voices from Moscow III – AUTHOR

Gimme that Shin-Shin-Shin Shukyo – F. J. Logan

No Easy Answers – Film director Solrun Hoass interviewed by Ken Rodgers

The Very First – Robert Brady

Somewhere on the Water Planet – Nanao Sakaki


A Blade of Grass: Japanese Poetry and Aesthetics in Dogen Zen, by Steven Heine— Morgan Gibson

Exposure: Victims of Radiation Speak Out, ed. Chugoku Shimbun — Ken Rodgers

Coming to our Senses: Body and Spirit in the Hidden History of the West, by Morris Berman — Beth Lischeron

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