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KJ 23 Neighborhoods
published April 16, 1993
74 pages

Cover Image by Hamazaki Jitsuyuki

Because a neighborhood is in fact a big household, imposes household kinds of cycles on the people there, poses just those kinds of dilemmas and startles that you’ve got to get along with because you all live together, and therein lies neighborhood’s deepest value. For while it macrocosms the individual home, it also microcosms the big household that is the earth, where all these aliens, as they call each other, live together in the same big dwelling place. The neighborhood presents the visual melange, the psychic challenge, the constant reminder, the twenty-four-hour showing of the miniversion of the big picture; it keeps one asking, who is that, what am I doing here, do I want to live somewhere else, and often one does, move to another old neighborhood where one at first feels new and the whole thing begins again, people are moving around all the time these days, just look at that traffic, but some people, enough to keep neighborhoods going, stay right where they are and confront and break through the membranous illusion of stagnation to the neighborhood’s gift of knowing that you can’t get lost because everywhere around you is home. —Robert Brady, Tanaka-cho, Kyoto


Revolution of Nostalgia – Mita Munesuke, photos by Ken Straiton

The Keio Line, Tokyo – F. J. Logan

New Neighbors – Toyoshima Mizuho

Tokyo Triptouch – Beth Lischeron

Narakawa Village, Nagano – Photographs by Akiyama Ryoji

Tanaka-cho, Kyoto – Robert Brady

Okurayama, Yokohama – Dai Seigan

Sounds of Asia– Poem by Arima Takashi

Tenno-cho, Kyoto – Banto Susumu

Fukunokawa-cho, Kyoto– Preston L. Houser

Shijonawate, Osaka – James Heaton

The Bicycle Thief– Harold Wright

The Kanda Kid, Tokyo– Michael Fessler

Hanazono-cho, Otaru – John Einarsen

Poems from the neighborhood – Rebecca Dosch, Rachel McAlpine, Christopher Drake, Chris Ames, Fumiko Noda,

When the Buckwheat Blooms – Korean Fiction by Yi Hyo-Sok

Voices From Moscow IV: The End of Socialism?
Nancy Ries

Journey East– Cathy Rosair

Outsiders In Orbit– Mark Willis


Off Center: Power and Cultural Relations between Japan and the United States, by Masao Miyoshi — Eric Gower

Beneath a Single Moon: Buddhism in Contemporary Poetry, by Kent Johnson & Craig Paulenich — Morgan Gibson

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