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Shokunin by Michael Magers

It’s been said that in Japan objects are born not made. In a society that increasingly values speed over quality, handcrafted goods retain a heartbeat lacking in the mass-produced world. The master craftsmen (and a few women) who commit their lives to honing perfection to its sharpest edge are known as shokunin.

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Excerpts from Whisper of the Land

“Let the photo-taking sessions be a ballet instead of a military-style attack or a grueling marathon. In the garden, drink the sun, sweep with the wind, sing like a bird, and dance with a shovel and a rake.”

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Gorazd Vilhar’s Japan

  VILHAR’S BOOKS   MATSURI: World of Japanese Festivals Shufunotomo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1994. Currently out of print. Used copies available online.   KYOTO: A Cultural Sojourn Yohan, 1998. IBC Publishing, 2013, Tokyo.   GRACIOUS GIFTS: Japan’s Sacred Offerings Shufunotomo Co., Ltd., Tokyo, 1999. Currently out of print. Used copies available online.   TOKYO TOKYO…

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Kyoto: The Forest Within the Gate

  (Japan) ¥2500 (International) ¥3000 Shipping & handling included Published July 2017, 128pp. Kyoto Journal and White Pine Press Second Edition (July 2017) Kyoto: The Forest Within the Gate A transcendent journey in photographs and writings to Japan’s ancient capital…   Resting on the earth who needs satori or faith? Embrace what holds you! Imagine…

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A synergy of the artistic energies of two artists with roots in many cultures and places.

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[smooth=id:21; width:720; height:720;] Monks BY DENNIS CORDELL Like many photographers, I was trained as a painter. I also did pottery. I do not consider myself to be an ex-painter or a potter of yore, but rather an artist currently focusing on photography. I bought a Nikon FM about thirty years ago to aid me in…

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Kyoto’s Photo Family


With some 140 published books over four decades, Mizuno Katsuhiko has been influential in defining Kyoto’s natural beauty and stimulating Kyoto people’s pride in their city. As a child, Mizuno’s daughter Kayu accompanied him on many of his photo outings…

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