Nature is Beautiful

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Nature is Beautiful


Nature is beautiful. In looking closely at living beings one by one, you are certain to find that they are major happenings in the universe. They are miracles.

And in coming into contact with these beings, I am reminded that this so-called me is a miracle as well. It is this sense of wonder that makes me what I am. It is at the heart of how I create.

Though I tend to use living creatures as a motif, I am not trying to imitate them or explain them. Each of my creations becomes an independent entity in the world and must live on its own.

The work not only aims at the heart of the subject but also at the heart of myself.

The subject has its own life rhythm, I too have my own, and the place where these vibrations blend is where my craft begins. I can only begin to create an expression of the subject when this life rhythm allows me to carve it with my entire body, with my breath.

Creation is an affirmation of the connection of my own being with the subject at the Source.

As children, we all have the power to talk with the insects or the flowers or the stars. We have the ability to reestablish that universal friendship.

Craft is healing for me and allows me to return to the home village of the spirit.


—Ezaki Mitsuru

translated by Ted Taylor

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