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Current Issue KJ94: Inspired by Kyoto

KJ92 was inspired by the symbols and practices of devotion that are so ubiquitous in our own city. But devotion, wherever practiced, in whatever tradition, transcends the self, and is a commitment to something less momentary, more closely aligned with the eternal…

Kyoto Journal Issue 91 Cover Living Sustainability

Kyoto Journal Issue 91

KJ’s 91st issue looks at “sustainability” which, like many buzzwords, has become devalued through overuse. To ‘sustain’ in essence means to provide sustenance—what our basic life support system, the natural world does… or used to do. We are also sustained by things we can’t necessarily name or accurately describe, all bound together by myriad tangled invisible interconnections of cause and effect. Yet these primeval, still mysterious mechanisms of natural equilibrium are being threatened by imperfect human survival strategies.

Kyoto Journal 90 Cover

Kyoto Journal Issue 90

Introducing/ KJ 90: Old roads, revisited/

Our 90th issue is out now! We celebrate those roads that, since prehistory, have carried not only travelers and trade, but also the seeds of new cultural flowerings. Passing through both time and terrain, roads lead to that ongoing reinvention, the future—and back into the past.

Kyoto Journal Issue 89

Kyoto Journal Issue 89

Kyoto Journal marks its thirtieth year with a return to timeless print format. Featured in KJ89 is a collection of insightful articles and essays depicting the present-day, interdependent ecologies of traditional crafts in Japan’s ancient capital. See full contents at the shop button above.


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