Bundle: Nature and Sustainability in Japan

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KJ37: Inaka + KJ68 + KJ75: Biodiversity + KJ91: Living Sustainability

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This topical bundle offers unique perspectives, from both the far and more recent past, on the idyllic joys of living with the elements and the imminence of depopulation and environmental destruction and much more. In KJ68 and KJ37: Inaka, you will find yourself immersed in a multiplicity of treasures and tales from unbeaten tracks in the Japanese countryside and beyond: be it with citrus farmers or sea-kayakers on the archipelago’s rugged Pacific Coast, or bear-hunters on the northernmost island of Hokkaido.


In special issue KJ75: Biodiversity, which was distributed to delegates at the United Nations COP10 conference in Nagoya, we look at the Japanese satoyama — the biologically abundant landscapes perched between mountain foothills and arable flat lands — and the model of sustainability they have come to symbolize. This section guides a heartening inquiry into the possibilities of fostering biodiversity in man-made environments. In like spirit, the most recent issue in the bundle, KJ91: Living Sustainability, presents a wide array of lessons for envisioning and reviving sustainable living in the realms of education, architecture, food and tourism across Japan and Asia.


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