Yunomi Intro to Japanese Tea Gift Set

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This introductory, gift-wrapped set to Japanese tea contains 20g each of high quality Yunomi House Blend Sencha (green), Genmaicha (rice bran) and Hojicha (roasted green). It also includes a comprehensive guide to the major and less common Japanese teas, the production process, tea utensils, with brewing advice and Japanese language terminology. Wonderful gift for Japanophiles and those new to tea alike.



Yunomi (meaning “teacup in Japanese) bridges the language and cultural borders that separates Japanese tea farmers with tea enthusiasts worldwide. More than “farm-to-table”, we believe in “people-to-people”—at Yunomi, read about the farmers who grow your tea, as we translate your feedback into Japanese so the farmers can also learn about you! Come and join us in a life steeped in tea!


SALE ¥1,000 (approx US$9) Need a currency converter? Use this one

Contains 20g of each tea.

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