Kyoto Journal Digital Issue 85


Toutosha: A House Living with Tea
Okada Torajiro on sitting
Poetry from a Chinese factory
Japanese “proletariat literature”


How do we give ourselves space and time to disengage our mental autopilot, re-awaken our senses, re-enter the present? Can personal rituals lend us focus, ease and grace, and release creativity?


A House Living with Tea – Alexandra Ting
The Life and Times of Okada Torajiro – Joshua Shapiro

#Bction: Reclaiming Creativity, Inspiring
Interactivity in Urban ‘Dead Space’ – Mon Ooyama
#bction Chanoyu: Talking with Tokyo – Teamaster Soryou Matsumura

An Exaltation of Rasa – Dola RC
Seeing the Wisdom of Compassion:The Art & Science of the Heart Sutra – Paula Arai

Visualizing Intuition with Genesis Art – Liane Wakabayashi

In Translation:
For Dignity, Justice and Revolution: Comrade Taguchi’s Sorrow – Kobayashi Takiji; Translated by Norma Field

Any Ring is Commitment: Even One Made of Fire – Melissa Uchiyama
Giant Bonsai – Sara Yamasaki

Kyoto Notebook:
Small Buildings of Kyoto – John Einarsen

Through the Gateless Gate – Peter Schireson
Left Behind – Xu Lizhi
Psychocosm Nothingness – Sudeep Adhikari
Poetry, Dharma and Nourishment – George Jisho Robertson

The Unseen Wild: Tracking the Elephants of Belum-Temegor Forest, Malaysia – Vinita Ramani

Hotaru Koi: Come Firefly – Sara Lewis

87 – Jesse Efrom

My Life on the Eurasian Plate – Robert Brady

Paul Rossiter on Isobar and English Poetry in Japan – Interview by Gregory Dunne

Published March 20th, 2016



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