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Taiwan, the hot spring paradise you never knew existed


A KJ x Forte Hotel Group feature Lying at the convergence of four tectonic plates, this small yet remarkable island is a hotbed of natural geothermal activity. Steaming fumaroles dot its mountains and turquoise, sulphuric rivers carve out deep gorges. Densely packed into an area barely the size of Switzerland are an astonishing one hundred…

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Notes of a Crocodile by Qiu Miaojin

Qiu Maojin Notes of a Crocodile

Notes of a Crocodile is not a book that shows teenagers how to live a straight life, in any sense of the term. And yet it is intended to be a survival manual for teenagers, for a certain age when reading the right book can save your life…

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How to Move a Tree


Early one morning in a park in Taiwan I came across a man who had stopped off on his way home from the market to harness himself to a tree…

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