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I was baffled by her effort to pay homage to a large, framed (glass, metal) painted image of the mountain spirit (a wizened old man with a tiger and young attendant) that was up a pathway on the north side of Manisan Mountain peak, when we could actually at minimum address the spirits of the peak in front of us.

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Meeting With Sanshin: An Interview with Hiah Park, Lover of the Mountain God

Manshin is a title of respect identifying a mudang, a female Korean shaman. For centuries manshin had been openly persecuted, their practices disrupted and shrines destroyed, their artistry desecrated to entertainment. The prevailing religious and social order forced the practice of shamanism “underground”. That one of Korea’s most acclaimed artists became a mudang has had impact in Korea as well as globally.

BY Lauren W. Deutsch, Contributing Editor

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Kim Keumhwa’s Everyday Shamanism.

BY Lauren W. Deutsch,
Kim Keumhwa, Korea’s renowned charismatic naramansin, “national” shaman, is already awake…preparing to greet the spirits lodged in her small sindang (spirits’ shrine room) next to her bedroom.

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