Small Buildings of Kyoto: Volume II


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The second volume of John Einarsen’s delightful photography book.


The little book is back!

“Kyoto is famous for its masterpieces of Japanese architecture, including many listed as National Treasures, Important Cultural Properties and World Heritage… Yet when visitors ask me what to see, I often recommend just walking or cycling aimlessly through Kyoto’s backstreet neighbourhoods… …it is here that the modest magic of the ordinary reveals itself.”

More than two years have passed since the founder of Kyoto Journal and long-time Kyoto resident John Einarsen started the hit photo series on Instagram which became the basis for the 2017 book: Small Buildings of Kyoto. Thanks to our fantastic supporters on Indiegogo we reached our funding goal in less than a week and the book completely sold out.

We are delighted to once again share John’s perspective on the city with this new volume, which is a testament to the enduring charm of Kyoto’s everyday architecture. While these buildings may not exude beauty in the way that the polished façade of a Gion geisha house or interiors of the sumptuously-decorated Nijo Castle do, their quaint and quirky characteristics tell a story no less fascinating: the way Kyotoites live today.

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小書回來了! 距離KJ的出版家及久居於京都的JOHN EINARSEN 開始在IG上分享受歡迎的而成為2017年『京都的小建築』這本書主題的攝影集已經兩個年頭。因為我們在Indiegogo上的支持者我們在一週內達到募資目標而且這本書也熱銷售罄。 我們很高興能在新的一期中再一次分享JOHN對這座城市的觀點,也是對京都持久的迷人的一個見證。即便這些建築物或許不會像京都祇園藝妓的茶屋 外觀及二條城的室內堂皇的裝潢所散發的華美,他們古老且奇特的特性傾訴者更迷人的故事:現今京都人的生活樣貌。


108pp, 96 photos. Shot on an iPhone 8. Brought to life by our fabulous printer, SunM Color, in Kyoto, Japan.

Read more about John in The Japan Times.


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