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KYOTOGRAPHIE Breaks New Ground

Kyotographie seems to be not merely bringing people to hidden or at least underutilized parts of Kyoto, but taking an active role in developing and revitalizing areas that are in dire need of a pick-me-up.

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The Garden View

“My idea was to create photographs that explore this undefined border between private and public space by photographing the garden from deep inside the temple, balancing the areas of the tatami/ meditation space and the garden space equally in the image.”

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Nakagawa Shuji: Oke Maker

Nakagawa Shuji Oke Kyoto Journal Japan Handmade crafts bucket wood

“Grandfather at work was beautiful to watch.” Shuji remembers, “And the products he created were also splendid and of high-quality. The ideal of the Japanese woodcraft artisan is that at the final sweep of the plane, the separate elements become a single object. My grandfather was making oke that way.”

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Under Crooked Pine

Mark Dodds, interviewed by Ted Taylor
The songs all came from here, sitting in this little alcove in summer and winter and looking out on occasion at that tree, and it became symbolic for the struggle that we all take to get to where it is we ultimately have to go.

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Kyoto: The Forest Within the Gate

  (Japan) ¥2500 (International) ¥3000 Shipping & handling included Published July 2017, 128pp. Kyoto Journal and White Pine Press Second Edition (July 2017) Kyoto: The Forest Within the Gate A transcendent journey in photographs and writings to Japan’s ancient capital…   Resting on the earth who needs satori or faith? Embrace what holds you! Imagine…

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We Promise to Fix it Back


Will this catastrophe in Japan change us and lead to a more innovative, caring and interconnected way of living? Will the outbreaks of altruism and civic enthusiasm propel us to take similar steps? Will we demand ingenious forms of accountability? I decide definitively not to cancel my ticket to Japan. I need to see what I can learn about a Bodhisattva path through the lessons that Fukushima offers.

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Kyoto Machiya Dining

Judith Clancy Machiya Restaurant Guide


Machiya, the old wooden townhouses of Kyoto, once dominated this city’s urban landscape. Long sturdy structures of simple grace, they closely lined the narrow streets of the city, their tiled rooftops rolling in waves to the surrounding hills and lapping at the edges of the great temples, shrines and villas that rose among them.

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Mapping Kyoto: An Affair of the Heart


Judith Clancy is the author of three books about Kyoto, Exploring Kyoto, Kyoto Machiya Restaurant Guide and Kyoto City of Zen. She has mapped Kyoto in words and images, enabling countless people, residents and visitors alike, to explore the exceptional cultural, historical, religious and gastronomic heritage of this city.

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The Heron Dance

Sagi-Odori Heron Dance Gion Festival Kyoto


[T]he Sagi Odori (heron dance) is one of three devotional dances performed by local school children outside City Hall, as part of the Omukae Chochin (welcome lantern) parade during Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri.

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Roger Pulvers


When I arrived in Tokyo in 1967 after studying in Poland, I had only $300 left…I came down to Kyoto on the train, rented a little house by Midoro-ga-ike, and started writing short stories….

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Slow Kyoto

Online Feature by MARC P. KEANE

The Slow Cities movement, having grown out of a food-oriented project, is still focused on local products and hospitality.

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Kyoto Rain


Kyoto belongs to the rain. Not a place of brilliant sunlight, it is often sadly gray — an older woman who causes one to remark how beautiful she must once have been.

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