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Kyoto Journal Issue 70



Interviews with Kyoto residents.

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To mark its 70th publication, Kyoto Journal took the opportunity to focus in once again on Kyoto — and its ongoing changes in the early 21st century — in a special issue entitled “Kyoto Lives.” The deliberate ambiguity of this issue’s title refers to the lives of the forty-one Kyoto residents interviewed, and also affirms that Kyoto, in its latest incarnation, is still very much alive.


Living History – Ken Rodgers
Thatcher – Nishio Haruo
Poet – Edith Shiffert
Keeper of Tradition – Nagane Aki
Kyoto and Me – Sugihara Iona
Shrine Priest – Inui Mitsutaka
Chocolatier – Nakanishi Hirofumi
Performing Arts Explorer – Ikeda Naoko
Pontocho – Sakakibara Taro
Neighborhood Deity – Jizo
Kajita Shinsho – The Path to Honen-In
Yoshikawa Sakiko – Kokoro Researcher
Message Writer – Taro
Nishikawa Senrei – Nihonbuyo Dancer
Fashion – Ito Masahiro
Goda Yosuke – Live Painting
Hosomi Yoshiyuki – Hosomi Museum
Ura-Teramachi – Sakakibara Taro
Natural Hairdress – Makino Yuko
Modern Gion Geiko – Makoto
Community Building – Kishimoto Mayu
Kimono Designer – Tanigawa Miyuki
Mt. Hiei, Guardian Mountain – Kate Connell
Farmer • Actor – Nakamura Zen’Ichiro
Ryokan Proprietress – Yamada Setsuko
Deputy Chief Priest – Matsuyama Daiko
Architect – Nagasaki Dai
Antique – Kitano Fumio
Noh – Kawamura Junko
The Tale of Genji – Setouchi Jakucho
Kamo At Night – Christian Orton
Homeless – The Kobayashis
Garden Designer – Nakane Shiro
Fusion – Heidi S. Durning
Kamishibai Storyteller – Yuushi Yasuno
Textiles – Kameda Kazuaki
Expat Artist – Tosai (Richard Steiner)
Women’s Travel Consultant – Inoue Yukio
Green E Books – Iwasaki Yuko
Recipe for Revitalization – Paul Scott


Hail the Hailstone Poets: Seasons of the Gods, ed. Stephen Henry Gill, Duro Jaiye, Hisahi Miyazaki, Jane Wieman – Robert MacLean
Geisha Tradition: Hannari – Geisha Modern Dir. Sohara Miyuki, Sakura Productions – Sally McLaren
Love’s Binding Force: Simmering Away, Songs from the Kanginshu, trans. Yasuhiko Moriguchi & David Jenkins, White Pine Press – Gregory Dunne
Rocking to the Flow: Ueji, the Genius of Water & Stone, Kyoto Tsuinsha – Yamashita Masahiro (trans. Eric Luong)

Cover image by Tomas Svab
published August 25, 2008


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