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Mark Edward-Harris: The Way of the Japanese Bath

“My first Japanese hot spring experience in Beppu, a town often shrouded in water vapor on the southern island of Kyushu, converted me into a furo-holic (bath-aholic) in the early 1990s. Two decades later, I still find the magical waters an endless source of both visual and visceral pleasure.”


The Japanese Postcard Collection of Graham Bowyer

“Being interested in gardens in Japan, I decided to investigate whether old picture postcards of Japanese gardens were also available and this has developed into a collection of more than 500 mostly from the period 1900 to 1930s.”

Synaptogenesis Neuropore

The Art of Neuroscience: Greg Dunn

While completing his doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, Greg Dunn was elated to realize that he could fuse his passion for neuroscience and Asian art together…

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Shin Maruyama: Gardens and Water Sculptures

“I throw water into the air, and in mid-flight it changes shape constantly, being pulled by gravity and bursting with surface tension. Each flight barely lasts more than a second.”

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Northern India and the Dalai Lama: Photography by Julie Hall

“His Holiness is an astonishing energy and presence. It felt as if the whole of Zanskar valley lit up when his helicopter arrived and remained that way until he left. A very special tingle in the air. “

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Stepping into Metamorphosis: The Shoes of Masaya Kushino

“My work is not just about the technical details of making a shoe, but an exploration of a fantasy, a story or something historical.”

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Look How Far the Sun Fell

Bathwater swallowed the tube with a nervous plop and the ripples lapped gently at Yasi’s stiffening chest. The once comforting smell of tobacco was swiftly replaced by the tang of burning hair and he could not fight through the powerful clench of his jaws to scream…

Chiemi Ogura bamboo craftswoman Kyoto photo by Irwin Wong

Chiemi Ogura: Bamboo Craftswoman

Chiemi weaves her intricate bamboo jewellery from her inner-west Kyoto home studio. Everything step is done by her and by hand, from cutting strips from raw, Kyoto-sourced stalks, to the final dying that washes the pieces in unique wine, turquoise, and emerald shades.

The Great Vacancy 11

The Great Vacancy

Having caught a glimpse of Takata’s future, I decided to take action…But should I, as an outsider who arrived in this community some six years ago, continue to pursue this work while members of the community are pursuing their own interests and doing little to help out?


Interview with Mitsuru Yokoyama, Tatami Artisan

“What I make, and all Japanese craftsman make ages with you. This is an investment in yourself, your life.”

Reflections on the Singapore Summit: An Interview with Lee Jae-bong

Reflections on the Singapore Summit: An Interview with Lee Jae-bong

This interview with Lee Jae-bong, a Professor of Peace Studies of Wonkwang University, South Korea, was conducted in the early afternoon of June 12, 2018 while the United States-North Korean Summit was taking place in Singapore. Would you please express your overall view of the significance of the Singapore Summit, which is being conducted as…


Ayano Tsukimi’s “Kakashi-no-Sato”

Around 15 years ago Tsukimi made a scarecrow (kakashi) to protect her vegetable garden, basing it on her father’s appearance. Her neighbors enjoyed this whimsical inspiration, and since then she has continued to make these figures, many of them based on present or former village residents…


MA: Place, Space, Void

Place is the product of lived space and lived time, a reflection of our states of mind and heart…

Shiraiwa-yaki Reborn

Shiraiwa-yaki Reborn

The new enterprise is called Wahee-gama, in honor of Sunao’s 19th century ancestors, and it is located in a secluded spot amidst rice fields at the edge of the foothills where Sunao’s ancestors built their kilns and fired their wares during Shiraiwa-yaki’s golden age.

Ono Tadashi Coastal Motifs

KYOTOGRAPHIE Breaks New Ground

Kyotographie seems to be not merely bringing people to hidden or at least underutilized parts of Kyoto, but taking an active role in developing and revitalizing areas that are in dire need of a pick-me-up.

golden tea room

The Sword and the Scoop: Merchandising the Way of Tea in Changing Times

There is no doubt that Rikyu was a change agent…He captivated the attention of the most notorious warlords of the time and convinced them that mastery of chanoyu was the penultimate mark of an action hero; carving tea scoops would be a better use of their swords.

oranguatan rescued palm oil plantation

Rescuing and Protecting Sumatra’s Critically Endangered Orangutans

The Orangutan Information Center (OIC) is a trail-blazing organization constituted of a team of dedicated Indonesian conservationists and veterinarians determined to save the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan from a host of threats…


Checking out: The Final Days of Hotel Okura

The announcement that Tokyo’s iconic Hotel Okura was slated for demolition in the summer of 2015 reverberated around the world, and was duly met with harsh criticism.

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