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The Garden View

“My idea was to create photographs that explore this undefined border between private and public space by photographing the garden from deep inside the temple, balancing the areas of the tatami/ meditation space and the garden space equally in the image.”

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The Art of Setting Stones


In Japan, garden materials—plants, stones, lanterns, and the like—make rounds through gardens like bees at flowers, and though their journey is less fleet, like them they occupy any one spot only temporarily. Those that remain in place for centuries are rare; most are destined by the vagaries of history to a more transient life.

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In the center of Maruyama Park there is a very large cherry tree… It was cultivated by the grandfather of Sano Tōemon, the sixteenth generation of a line of Sagano gardeners.

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KJ 39

shipping & handling included Print (Japan) ¥1200 (International) ¥1600 KJ 39 published February 1, 1999 90 pages « issue 40issue 38 » Cover Image of Kurodani Temple, Kyoto John Einarsen In this issue, Steve Heine and Taigen Dan Leighton discuss the teachings of Bob Dylan and Zen master Dogen in “Masters of Spirit and Words,”…

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